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A challenging period for exploration.

Contemporay Art

In September 2010, Liverpool hosted the 6th edition of Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art. Under the name "Touched", it explored art in the context of people's proximity. Perceptions and emotions toward a wider audience are the references of the influence of Biennial towards its citizens. We were part of it.

No Longer Empty
on the Road.

13 International Artist

No Longer Empty on the Road from New York City, exhibited 13 different installations among locals artists and NY base artists. The only series of art that lies “Sound” as an expression of Conceptual Art at Liverpool Biennial. Works such as Never Records Shop a social music interaction or Pools of Voices a music reference to Liverpool and also pieces like Murmur or Coffins where sound was the basic expression of social explorations and political criticism.


Located inside a halfway-refurnished building, Art Sounds made a big impact based on its shape, 5 Levels' cement flooring, bricks and glass walls where work is projected, iron staircases leading to the different areas of exhibitions, the sound that filled the space. It brought a spin of spooky sense and touch feelings.

Imogen Stidworthy
Ted Riederer
Mayke Nas & Wouter Snoei
Ray Lee
Giuseppe Stampone
Juan Cruz
Philip Jeck
Clemencia Echeverri
Joe Diebes
Jani Ruscica
Miguel Angel Rios



Juan Cruz elaborated an effect on ideas with sound meaning. His work explorated the thing line between space and meaning with the unfinished work that could have been achived a difference.

Our aim,
our plan,
we achieved.

Marketing print support

As Biennial hosted different locations, our space was reduced to one singular locationand. We were an independent part and we needed to drive attention to our space. We had a tangible value to Liverpool because of our work was related to sound.

Our aim, was to make a important contribution to LIverpool with little support form Livepool Biennial through:

"Smoke on the water future" a public colloquium between artist and public.

A screened fest with the work of young video artist and performers in Liverpool for the last days of the exhibition.

We drive an important contrubution of 60.000 visitors along 3 months.



Sound and
visual methaphor

Three documentary films, "Never Records", "Murmur" and "Pool of Voices".

The best spoke's work.

A lightless turn

A lightless level on the ground floor, using speakers and rotors in stands couch the most of visitors' attention. The spinning Sound subsequently moves in symphony with space and not until the very end "murmur" sounds like a clamour.

Sounds of a Liverpool's time.

Ted Riedere brought to Liverpool one of the pieces that compress the most "Touched" art.


A social interaction

For a month Ted recorded life music preformances from different musicians. He created a music studio to produce his Records Shops. Recording music and cut it into Vinel played a very important part to everybody's life. It became soon an Iconic place where concerts and life music took place. Once's Ted gone, ti resembled those moments where people could listen to what happened there.

Voices from outer times.

Visual work from the Liverpool's contribution to the world in the past


Odd of the old

Philip Jeck, a sound artist, made a wink to Liverpool in his art installation. His references of Liverpool's contribution to the world. Music and nostalgia of the past. Using 30 old record players with recycled record material from charity shops, an argument of feelings and moments.
See what he means.